Current Issues and Submissions

1. Whitehorse Council:
(i) Panel report RZSAC Stage 2 - Whitehorse C174 Report version pdf

(ii) Whitehorse Tree Protection Options-WERA submission to Council`s consideration with 2015 16 Budget WERA Submission Options for Tree Protection in Whitehorse March 2015.pdf

(iii) Deakin University - Burwood Link bridge:The University and State Government Ministers moved quickly through November and December 2015 circumventing any further community input to the planning permit application. Following Minister for Environment granting of committee of management rights for pylon and bridge (as a stratum title) the Minister for Planning then called in the permit application and granted the permit by a planning scheme amendment. Whilst the construction of the bridge will proceed WERA is deeply concerned that the University in the next few years will be more encouraged to seek additional concessions over land within the Gardiners Creek public reserve. The Governments media release 15 January highlights that " ... Deakin Burwood Campus is of state significance with potential investment in excess of $500 million over the next five years, facilitating international education by developing new student accommodation and new modern facilities".

We the community through Whitehorse Council must retain management of the current parkland. Both Anna Burke MP Chisholm and Graham Watt Member for Burwood have supported the local residents viewpoint and a petition has been delivered to the State Parliament requesting the Minister for Environment not to proceed with granting Deakin University committee of management over the bridge land. WERA thanks the Whitehorse Councillors whom at the Council meeting on 1 February 2016 unanimously supported that Council writes to Planning Minister Wynne seeking a meeting between relevant Council Officers, Councillors from Riversdale Ward, and representatives from the community to provide community feedback on Whitehorse Planning Scheme Amendment for the bridge and to present all of the objections received by Council in relation to this Amendment.

2. VCAT:
(i) 20 Louise Avenue; Mont Albert - 2 storey; 10 dwelling apartment and basement parking. Applicant requested VCAT hearing after Council rejected application and refused permit. Hearing 20 October 2014 WERA submission WERA Louise Ave VCAT Submission Oct 2014.pdf and VCAT decision which set aside Council refusal and issued a planning permit.

(ii) 692 Whitehorse Road; Mont Albert - part 2 & 3 storey 55 apartment development in heritage precinct requiring demolition of contributory Edwardian villa. Council refused permit. Hearing 23 March 2015 WERA submission WERA VCAT submission FINAL.pdf and VCAT decision which set aside Council refusal and issued a planning permit.

3. Victorian Government:
(i) Planning Zone Proposals Planning Minister released early February 2016 a review of the State of Play on the introduction of the new residential zones. The report and suggested changes can be found on Submissions are required by 14 March 2016.

(ii) Plan Melbourne -WERA made a written submission WERA Plan Melbourne Submission and an on-line submission WERA online submission to the Plan Melbourne Refreshed discussion paper from Minister for Planning, Hon Richard Wynne MP.

(iii) Local council electoral system Comprehensive review of the system that elects their local councils:-

WERA submission:- Local government electoral review WERA submission.pdf

(iv) Planning Minister Residential Zones Standing Advisory Committee Overarching report June 2014 RZSAC-Stage-One-Overarching-Issues-Report.pdf

4. Federal Government: Population enquiry WERA submission.pdf